Acupressure Massage Mat with Pillow

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Back pain during your period is the absolute worst! And trying to relax and get comfortable can seem impossible. Thankfully our Acupressure Pillow and Mat provides deep relaxation and relieves stress, aches and back pain! As a bonus it also helps with insomnia and fatigue, which is a big issues for us ladies! 

Ideal for home, work and travel!



Including: mat+pillow with storage bag; mat+pillow without storage bag

Color: purple, blue, green, grey
Product size: mat: 660mm * 420mm * 20mm/26.0 * 16.5 * 0.79"
                   pillow: 400mm * 150mm * 100mmm/15.7 * 5.91* 3.94"
Net weight: 450g (mat); 200g (pillow); 50g (storage bag)
Gross weight: 450g (mat); 200g (pillow); 50g (storage bag)